College Road Surgery

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Ian Gow Memorial Health Centre

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We are open and still seeing patients, following COVID guidelines.

Flu & COVID Vaccinations

Both of our sites are very limited with space. At College Road Surgery we can only allow 3 patients in the waiting room at one time and at Ian Gow we can only allow 4 patients in the waiting to maintain safe social distancing for patients.  This means that we continue to use telephone calls, or our get help online system (on the website) as a first point of contact for advice from a GP.

Our nurses are starting to offer a lot more routine appointments but there still may be longer waiting times due to having longer clinic times to maintain infection control measures and PPE.

For everyone’s safety we will continue to keep the doors closed, so please continue to phone the practice rather than coming down to book your appointments or make enquiries.

All prescription requests will continue to be sent to your nominated pharmacies for the foreseeable future, and where possible all requests for prescriptions needs to be sent to us electronically or via the post.

Please note it is now mandatory to wear a face covering when attending the surgery. We are unable to provide these for you so please ensure you attend with one, otherwise we may not be able to see you.

If you have any COVID symptoms please do not enter the surgery, even if you have a booked appointment. If you need to be seen by a GP we can arrange for you to be seen by a HUB GP face to face who are set up to deal with patients who have COVID symptoms. Please do not put our staff and other patients at risk.

To maintain infection control standards we have also had to close our toilet facilities, so these will be unavailable for use unless in an extreme emergency situation. If you are asked by a clinician to provide a sample of any kind, then you will need to do this at home and bring the sample back to the surgery. We understand this may be frustrating but we do not have enough staff in the building to maintain the infection control standards that are warranted to have our facilities open.

We have also had to make some changes to our staffing arrangements to ensure we provide safe social distancing for staff.  This may mean there are not as many staff on duty as there used to be during our core hours and it may take longer for you to get through than usual.

Thank you all for your understanding and consideration during these exceptional times.