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Patient rights and responsibilities

At the Lighthouse Medical Practice we deliver a professional service and take our responsibilities to you extremely seriously. Your health is our joint responsibility and we have worked with our patients and staff to create this Patient Charter.

Practice Responsibilities are to:

  • Treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect at all times.
  • Treat you, as a partner in your health, enabling you to make informed
    decisions by discussing and involving you in your treatment and the choices
    available to you.
  • Involve you in how the practice is run by enabling you to express your
    views and experiences and have them taken into account when planning
    the way that our services are provided and delivered.
  • Recognise your diversity, values and human rights.
  • Enable you to care for yourself where this is possible.
  •  Give you information about our services and any services to which we
    refer you.
  • Provide you with access to emergency care when you need it.
  • Refer you to other services when it is necessary.
  • Offer you a choice of provider for your referral, subject to the options
  • Try our best to cover for staff sickness.
  • Keep your records confidential and give you access to your health
    records subject to legal limitations.
  • Give you a full and comprehensive reply to any complaints/queries that
    you raise with us.
  • Encourage and enable you to be an active part of your community.

Patient Responsibilities are to:

  • Treat everyone at the practice with courtesy, dignity and respect at all
    times enabling us to work without the fear of abuse.
  • Understand the impact that your lifestyle has on your health and listen to
    advice given to you regarding your health.
  • Follow treatment plans and advice that we have agreed with you and let
    us know if you cannot carry this out or change your mind.
  • Respect your fellow patients when at the practice.
  • Arrive on time for your appointment and check in at the reception desk
    or touch screen as soon as you arrive at the surgery.
  • Let us know immediately if you cannot attend your appointment.
  • Only request a home visit when absolutely necessary.
  • Use the out-of-hours GP service or walk-in centre only in urgent situations.
  • Only attend A&E for accidents and emergencies that GPs can’t deal with.
  • Be aware of the financial constraints that the NHS is working under locally.
  • Follow surgery procedures for repeat prescriptions, calling for test results
    and travel forms.
  • Keep us informed if your personal details change (address, telephone
    number (mobile and landline), email etc).
  • Understand that services/staff that we refer you to, outside of the practice,
    are not controlled by us and that you may need to contact them if you have
    any queries.
  • Respect our guidelines on the practice’s geographical boundaries (the area
    in which we can register you).
  • Tell us about complaints and misunderstandings as soon as possible.