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Register with the practice

Catchment area

Each GP practice has a defined area within which they will accept new patients.

To join the practice as a new patient your address must be inside our practice boundary.

Before filling out a registration form, check you are in our catchment area using the postcode checker map below.

Find out which GPs you can register with on the NHS website.

Registering with the surgery

To register with the surgery please click the link for the site that is closest to where you live (please note that if this is not the correct we will need to change this to the correct site for where you reside) :

Using the online registration process is the easiest way to register and makes the process more efficient for the surgery.

If you, or someone you are helping to register, is unable to use the online method then you can complete a paper form.

The form is linked below. Note that this is a link to a form in PDF format.

Print out the paper registration form (Form GMS1)

The form can also be obtained from our Reception

When you register, it’s helpful to have your NHS number. You can use the NHS website to find your NHS number.

Site registration

You will be registered at the site in where your address falls into the catchment area. The site boundaries are clearly defined and agreed and the site that you are registered at is non-negotiable. Should a mistake be made with your registration either on your or our part, and you be registered at the wrong site, you will not be removed from the Practice list but you will be transferred to the site in which your address falls.

Once we have established which site you are registered at all patients registered at our Practice, including children will be allocated to a named, accountable GP. 

Allocation to a named GP

You will be allocated a named GP. New patients will be allocated to the “recruiting doctor”. The recruiting doctor is the doctor with space on their list.

We do not encourage patients to change their allocated GP as the allocation is made upon various factors. However, if a patient requests a particular GP, reasonable efforts will be made to consider their preference.

If you are staying away from home and need medical support

If you are staying temporarily away from your normal UK address or if you are a visitor from outside the UK you can register temporarily with this surgery.

This is to help you if you need medical help with a new or existing condition that cannot wait until you return home.

You will need to be staying at an address that is inside our practice boundary.

This applies to people who are temporarily at an address inside our boundary for between 24 hours and 3 months.

You will need to call the surgery to register as a temporary resident.

Date published: 21st August, 2023
Date last updated: 28th March, 2024