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NEW: Electronic Prescribing

Electronic Prescribing has now started. This means that when a doctor issues a prescription, it can be electronically signed and sent automatically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice without the need for a paper prescription. The paper-based prescription system will be run alongside the electronic system and will still be used for Controlled Drug prescriptions or for people who wish to continue to use paper prescriptions – Please click here for more information.

Repeat prescriptions

Your doctor may put some or all of your medication on a ‘REPEAT’ prescription. This means that you can re-order your medication when you run low without needing a doctor’s appointment. If your medication is not on repeat, you will need to put in a request in writing to your doctor who can then decide whether to reissue your medication or ask to see you or speak to you over the phone first. Please make sure you request your repeat medication in plenty of time. Our minimum turnaround time from receipt of your request is 72 hours.

Ways to request your repeat prescriptions:

  1. On paper: if you’ve had medication on a repeat prescription before, your last prescription should have come with a repeat prescription re-ordering slip. Simply tick the medication you require and hand it in at the reception desk OR place it in the repeat prescription box OR or post it to us. If you have lost your re-ordering slip, please put your request in writing. We will then issue the prescription (subject to checking by a doctor) and either leave it at reception for you to collect, or send it to a pharmacy of your choice.
  2. Online: you can order your medication using our online system. Click here to register.
  3. Through your pharmacy: many local pharmacists are able to offer a FREE Repeat Collection and Delivery Service. Please contact them for further information.