Patient Forum

We have an active Patient Participation Group who work with us to help us provide the best possible service to our patients.

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been running since 2005. The formation of a PPG at the Lighthouse Medical Practice has brought about a huge cultural shift from an “us and them” scenario to a united team of patients and practice staff working towards a single vision who are there to help and support one another. Our PPG has developed into a living, breathing part of what makes the practice work, and is an integral part of daily practice life.

What our Patient Group do

  • Have taken control of the surgery environment, reorganising the waiting room and notice boards, updating posters and producing clearly themed areas.
  • Are meeters and greeters on busy days, helping with queues, teaching other patients to use the touchscreens and gathering comments, criticisms and compliments. They chat to patients and gather real feedback.
  • Help with flu clinics, meeting and organising other patients to make their experience as pleasant as possible.
  • Create and run patient surveys in order to get detailed feedback on specific issues such as telephone access to the surgery.
  • Produce a joint practice/patient newsletter.
  • Create, plan and run disease awareness days, eg, a Diabetic Day, a Falls Awareness Day.
  • Work on commissioning ideas and projects, coming up with proposals for service improvement and feeding into practice plans.
  • Sit on local committees and focus groups, influencing the health issues and priorities of the local area.
  • Support other local PPGs, and work jointly on linked projects.
  • Influence decision-making on issues such as the purchasing of equipment to the spending of monies from commissioning savings.


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